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Journey Middle School Weekend

Journey Middle School Weekend

Journey Middle School Weekend 

Rockbridge Alum Springs - Younglife Camp

Goshen, VA (170 Spring House Rd, Goshen, VA 24439)

March 15th 2019 -March 17th 2019


Cost: $165 by February 13th 2019

    $175 after February 13th 2019


Meet VBUMC – 3:00 PM on Friday, March 15th

Return around 4:30 PM on Sunday, March 17th 

Will call when close – Be ready!


Packing List 

- ($20-25)  for dinner and lunch on Friday/Sunday. Have $ in pocket  not in luggage as luggage may not be available.

- Bible (Physical not your phone) 

- Journal or something to take notes with

- Pen/Pencil to take notes 

- Positive Attitude 

- Clothes for two days

-Students will not have their phones during the activities. Phone use will be restricted to morning time and before lights out. Phones will stay in the cabins during the day. 

PACK LIGHT! Check the weather.

  T-shirts / shirts

  Pajamas (modest)


  Jacket / Coat

  Shorts (sometimes it is warm)



  Closed Toe Shoes

  Personal Hygiene Items (towels provided)

  Bring your own pillow, if you want. Bedding is provided.

  Teddy Bear 


  •   Girls - bring cookies / brownies to share

  •   Boys – bring chips to share


DO NOT BRING (Prohibited Items)

X Any prank items, weapons, drugs, and/or alcohol 

X Fire stuff, AK47s or other warfare type material/games

X Electronic devices (iPods, games, etc.)

Items you cannot replace – you know, the expensive stuff

X Negative Attitude 

If a student makes the poor choice to bring any of the prohibited items or fails to follow the rules, their parent/guardian will come get them (regardless of time) or pay for any travel fees necessary. The student will NOT be allowed to stay with us, for safety of the other students and adults. 


3/15/2019 3:00 PM - 3/17/2019 4:30 PM
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